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  • simple and comfortble handling
  • possibility of charging with minature batteries
  • clearly visable LCD display
  • RS232C interface to connect to computer or a printer
  • recipe making, indications in %, pieces counting
  • Other special functions

BT series precise technical scales are intended for wide use in laboratories, production control, sorting plants, etc. Aesthetic design and easy handling are their primary advantages. Despite their small size and low price, these scales ensure high weighing accuracy required in practice.

The scale has numerous special functions: automatic reset, calculation in changed mass units (ct, lb, oz and ozt), counting identical pieces, calculation of percentage mass changes, recipe making, remembering entered tare weight, etc.

RS232C interface allows connecting a computer or a printer for printing notes, reports or for archiving weighing results on the computer.

Scale can be powered by rechargeable batteries, charged during on the external power supply. Non-rechargeable batteries can be used with charge function switched-off.

The scales satisfy requirements of the European Union regulations and are marked with the CEsign on the proprietary nameplate.

Communication and Procell computer software available on website support user's work,enabling the direct entering of weighing results in the Excel spreadsheet or saving them in a text file.

A ring surrounding the pan (BTA 210 and BTA 210D) protects it against air flows and allows comfortable measuring in normal conditions. When air flows are stronger, draft shield (option) should be used.

Options on demand:

NiMH miniature batteries (AA size) to power the scale -  4 pieces

10 tares memory, animal weighing, Max/Min value indication

other special functions: internal clock, checkweighing (Min/Ok/Max), summing results of weighing series

USB interface for computer connection

draft shield

Results export to Excel spreadsheet

Battery container

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