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  • Halogen or infrared heaters
  • Graphic display with lighting up
  • Simple navigation menu with text hints
  • Drying results diagram display
  • edition of reports by computer keyboard
  • RS232C interface to connect a computer or a printer

AGS series analyzers are meant to quick and accurate determining moisture of sampling material.

Moisture analyzers are built of scale enabling current measurement of mass and dryer taking advantage

infrared radiation for heating sample.

Time and temperature of drying can be selected for physical and chemical features of material under investigation.

Moisture analyzer has ability to perform preliminary drying and displays character drying diagram.

These facilities are usable for parameter selection.

You can also choose mode of moisture evaluation:

-moisture in proportion to initial mass,

-moisture in proportion to dry body,

-percent content of dry body.

Connecting to outside printer enables making reports of current measurement. Connecting to a computer

allows to cost drying diagrams and record measurement's results.

For simplification of menu and report edition handing, connecting to a computer keyboard is also possible.

Moisture analyzers of AGS series are designed for working at food, building, chemical industry,

bio-technology, wood-paper, pharmaceutical industry,

Additional options:

infrared heaters

set of disposable plates maid from tinfoil

software designed to work with moisture analyzer


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