Product Code:AGN220 and AGN200C
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  • very high weighing accuracy
  • automatic internal calibration
  • graphic or LCD display
  • RS232C interface to connect a computer or a printer
  • recipe making, indications in %, pieces counting

AGN and AGN/C series analytical balances are useful where very high weighing accuracy is required, especially in laboratories, pharmacies, jewelry stores and research institutes. Weighing accuracy is maintained by automatic internal calibration system without
user intervention.

Spacious, closing from three sides with moving glass panels, weighing chamber allows to comfortable and effective work in rooms, where elimination of airflow effects is not possible.

In AGN series balances large, bright and clear graphical display allows to convenient reading of weighing results. Intelligible menu and text hints makes an operation of balance fast and easy.

AGN/C series balances are equipped with LCD digital display and basic keys set sufficient for standard balance applications.

The range of balances applications is additionally extended by special functions: counting of identical pieces, calculation of percentage mass changes, statistical calculations, recipe making and many more.

RS232C interface allows to connect a computer or a printer for recipe and reports printing or statistical processing of weighing results.

All the balances satisfy requirements of European Union regulations and are marked with CE on proprietary nameplate. On demand all the balances can be metrologically tested or EC verified. EC verified balances are additionally marked with M.

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