AXIS FA Force Meter

AXIS FA Force Meter

Product Code:FA Series
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Force gauges of the FA series are designed to measure pressure and pulling force. They can also be used to measure mass. They can be applied in specialized laboratories, manufacture, and quality control.

They are characterized by an ergonomic shape and are easy to use. A set of gauging points, supplied with the meter in a convenient case, allows the meter to be used as a universal measuring device. The meters can be used for manual measurements and for measurements taken while the meter is fixed or suspended.

The meter's graphical display facilitates reading measurements or representations of the results of measurement in the form of histograms or graphs.

The meters are equipped with a rich variety of special functions: unit selection (g, lb, oz, N, kg), automatic zero adjustment, measuring maximum value, comparison with threshold values, statistical calculations, graphs, battery charging control, and others.

The RS232C connector enables the meter to connect to a printer or computer. A wide range of printout configurations ensures that GLP procedure requirements are met.

Procell software allows the direct placement of results transmitted by

the meter into Excel spreadsheets


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