About Us



Weighing Instrument Services PTY (LTD) (W.I.S) was founded in 1976 and is one of the market leaders for the supply, service, verification and calibration of scales and weights. 

It is the companies mission to provide high quality service and support for most makes of weighing instruments and weights, as well as to supply and service equipment designed using the newest and most innovative technology.

Weighing Instrument Services is a SANAS accredited organization for both verification and calibration of scales and weights which enables us to issue internationally recognized calibration and verification certificates.

Weighing Instrument Services is equipped with a fully functioning machine shop where most of the weights, as well as mechanical scale parts and locally made scales are produced.


Weighing Instrument Services at present consists of three sub sections, this being the verification and calibration laboratory, the service workshop and the sales division.

The calibration laboratory has a database of well over a 1000 companies that use our services on a daily basis. This database has grown exponentially over the past few years prompting the laboratory to utilize a unique computerized certification system. This has allowed for a more streamlined, efficient and professional approach to the laboratory’s function.

There are at present 4 verification officers and 6 metrologists who are trained and qualified to perform in house and on site calibrations and verifications.

The workshop has at present 4 trained and qualified service technicians. These technicians are trained to repair most makes of scales and laboratory balances down to component level. There is an ongoing need to keep up with the emergence of new technology, it is therefore the commitment of the workshop to keep abreast with current trends and continue to offer a high standard of service and support.

In an effort to provide opportunities to all South Africans, W.I.S is a fully complient BEE company and is committed to promoting equality within our field.   

The sales team has secured a number of agencies for scales over the past number of years which has enabled W.I.S to touch base with all industries requiring weighing instruments. From the commercial industries (butcheries, bakeries, supermarkets etc) to industrial industries (cement plants, sweet factories, pharmaceutical industry, the mining industry etc) W.I.S has been able to offer high quality, cost effective solutions to each individual’s needs.


Weighing Instrument Services will continue to provide our customers with cost effective and relevant solutions, whilst remaining customer satisfaction orientated at all times.

The company has built up many lasting relationships with the existing customer base and continues to strive at offering the best possible professional service and support to all our valued customers.

Weighing Instrument Services will continue to grow within the field as a company, while maintaining the personal touch with our customers that we as a company have become recognized for.